TDAC is open with public safety precautions. 

The Dalles Art Center has reopened with public safety at the forefront of our concerns. The sales and exhibition galleries are open to the public. We require that visitors wear a face covering and maintain six feet of social distance from each other. Face masks are available for you to use during your visit. Masks will be washed and reused following guidelines set by health professionals. 

The sales and exhibit galleries will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am - 5pm. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the center soon!


Human : Animal

June 4th to August 1st

Artist's Reception August  

July 18th 5-7pm

August 1st 5-7pm

Humans and animals have a complex relationship. Humans are animals. Humans project humanity on to animals via anthropomorphism. Humans have exerted themselves as caretakers of the animals and the environment. The many facets and layers of this rapport vacillate between interconnection and disassociation with cohesion happening frequently. 


This exhibition is an exploration of two artists that utilize animals to express the difficult and challenging subjects of institutional fear, climate change and the growing dissonance of the modern world. Christopher St. John explores the dynamics of the human condition that is resistant to seeing the suffering and confusion of a world that appears to be in turmoil. Rachel Denny utilizes material to create lyrical forms that speak to the extravagance of consumption and the hubris of managing nature. 


The juxtaposition of these two artists mirrors the commonalities and disparities of the human and animal. It is our hope to create the opportunity for dialogue and understanding through the viewer’s interaction with the work. 


Open Tuesday through Saturday 11 - 5 pm

Admission is Free


Winter conditions may effect TDAC hours. 

In general, TDAC will follow the Public Library Closure Schedule during severe winter weather conditions.


Please call 541-296-4759 for closures due to winter weather. 

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