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Open For Business

calling all Makers & artists

The Dalles Art Center has a Gallery Shop that sells the work of regional artists, artisans and craftspeople. We sell work on a commission basis. Read below or contact TDAC for more information. 

selling at the gallery shop

The Dalles Art Center is a non-profit organization that supports regional artists with opportunities to sell their work. We love to help artists and artisans make a living from their work! The following are guidelines to help artists & makers be successful at selling their work at TDAC.

  • Types of work or items we sell in the gallery:

    • Fine art including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramic work, collages, prints or other forms of fine art. 

    • Artisan or crafted items including textiles or fabric work, woven items, knitted/felted or other items made with yarn, ceramic items, baskets or woven items, carved or hand assembled wood items, jewelry or other wearable art, candles, soap and lamps or light-based sculptures.

    • Metal works including forged, welded or assembled sculptures or functional items. 

    • Take home kits or puzzles: kits and/or puzzles made for children or adults to be made at home. 

    • Cards with envelopes and postcards. Must be USPS approved sizes. 

    • TDAC/The Dalles/other Mid-Columbia Gorge area branded items (e.g. magnets or cards).

    • Other items not listed, please contact us to discuss your work.

    • A limited number of books relating to the history of TDAC or Carnegie Libraries. 

  • Pricing & other recommendations:

    • TDAC is a great place to sell your work and TDAC's wants you to sell a lot of your work! Artists set the price for their items. TDAC offers the following recommendations to help you be successful.​

    • Medium to small sized items tend to sell more than large items. The Gallery Shop walls are best suited for pieces that less than 3 feet in height and/or width. 

    • People come to the Gallery Shop to find unique and/or beautiful items that they want in their homes or to wear. While we will consider all items, we will review items for their appeal to buyers and that are finished and well-made. 

    • Items priced between $25 - $250 sell the most. Sales of higher priced items occur consistently however, there is a smaller audience for higher-priced items. 

    • TDAC may refuse artwork if it determines it is not a good fit for sales through the gallery. 

    • Recommended quantities per artist. The TDAC gallery has limited space for display. Artists are asked to bring in a selection of items to sell with the understanding that not all pieces can be consigned. The following are guidelines to help artists prepare up 2 pieces for display on the walls, up to 2 sculptures in the gallery space/shelves, up to 3 card designs and items for display on shelving, up to 10 earrings and up to 3 pieces for display in the front counter. These are guidelines, not hard and fast rules but we hope it helps artists prepare. 

  • Commission Pricing:

    • Artists and Artisans with a current membership at TDAC receive the following split:​

      • When an item is sold at full price: 70% of the sale price goes to the artist; 30% goes to TDAC. 

      • When an item is sold with a 10%-member discount: 65% of the sale price goes to the artist; 25% goes to TDAC. 

    • Artists who are not members may also sell their work at TDAC and receive the following split:​

      • When an item is sold at full price: 60% of the sale price goes to the artist; 40% goes to TDAC. 

      • When an item is sold with a 10%-member discount: 55% of the sale price goes to the artist; 35% goes to TDAC.

    • Information about the Artist Membership can be found on our Membership page. ​

  • Items that TDAC does not sell:

    • Books.​

    • Perishable food items.

    • Items that may be dangerous for children or adults to handle.

    • Artwork that is not built well or is at risk of deteriorating while in the gallery.

  • Donations:

    • TDAC does receive donations in the form of artworks or other valuable items. ​Please contact TDAC to set up a time to review the art items you wish to donate. ​​

    • Once an item has been donated to TDAC, TDAC has the right to make future decisions regarding the selling, storing or donating of the item.

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