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Outpouring of Community Supports Creates a Future for The Arts Center

Updated: May 1, 2023

With the outpouring of community support, The Dalles Art Center is on track to be preserved. The community response to the call for donations has been truly humbling. Since the press release was published in the paper on Wednesday, March 15th, we have received $23,500 in one-time donations, and $2,200 in recurring monthly donations. Our sustainability goal for recurring monthly donations is $3,500, so we're about 60% there! We need an additional $1,300 in monthly donations to cover the most basic costs of running The Art Center at the current level of staffing and opening hours, and we know we can get there! We are seeing an average of $10 - $25/month commitments from monthly donors as well as a number of folks able to commit to larger monthly amounts.
What this says to us is that support is coming from all facets of our Gorge community. We thank and welcome everyone who supports The Art Center!
The heartwarming stories from supporters continue to come in. A long-term volunteer shared that "she can't imagine her life without The Arts Center," and is reenergized by the support from the community.
The amazing support we are seeing means that all planned exhibits will continue as scheduled and no cancellations will occur.
- The Board of Directors
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