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next phase

September 6th - 26th


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The Dalles Art Center is proud to present Next Phase: Laurie Balmuth, Rachel Harvey, and Peny Wallace as the September 2020 exhibit. This is an exciting exploration of three women who have approached their professional art practice after careers in other fields choosing to following their creative callings. Sponsored by Sandra Leibham and Vonda Chandler.

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Rachel harvey
Landscape Artist

As a child, Oregon landscape artist Rachel Harvey lived in the Midwest, which gave her a love for land and sky, and would ultimately inspire the direction of her work. Rachel discovered oil painting after a decade-long career in finance. She left accounting, embraced art, and has never looked back. Rachel’s travels offer endless inspiration, and her work is collected internationally.

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peny wallace

Peny has always been creative, making things, putting things together, creating something that could be called Art from as early as she could remember. After graduating from high school she followed a path of the graphic designer: illustration and painting. Peny soon decided that she really liked sharing the creative process with people, so she entered the field of education with a major in Art Education, focusing on ceramics and painting. She loves the human form and started to use the casting of the human face as the theme of choice. Penny feels a need to create, to explore the visual image.  

While teaching, Peny enjoys sharing with her students: curiosity of image and artistic exploration. 

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Laurie balmuth
Mixed Media 

Laurie is motivated by the need to give form to what may only be glimpsed or felt. Her paintings spring from her studies of Asian calligraphy and dedicated years of drawing from life. She strives to put as much of herself into her work as she can. Laurie’s drawings are a kinetic thing. The color achieved with good quality oil paint transmits pure energy. She doesn’t have an idea. The painting is its own idea. Laurie thinks of her paintings as beloved children and she is helping them become their best selves.


Laurie Balmuth was born and raised in Connecticut and spent much of her early life in Maine. She moved to Oregon in 1988 and in 1994 graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland with a BFA double major in Painting and Printmaking. She divides her time between Oregon and Baja Sur, Mexico. 

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